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Rhys Tolhurst


Rhys Tolhurst; he’s the teenage boy from Cairns who stole hearts across the country back in 2012 after reaching the final showdown on Australia’s Got Talent at the age of just 17. He’s now 27 years old, and since his introduction into the music industry, he has worked hard to make the transition from realty TV singer to serious adult musician. Having suddenly sacrificed a lucrative local career in pursuit of bigger dreams, making the move to Melbourne – Australia’s music capital – was key in forging his own path, but now it seems to be truly coming to fruition with his most recent single, ‘Keep Dreaming’, following previous releases ‘Paradise’, ‘Traitor’, and ‘Being Together’. With nods to John Legend and Niall Horan, Rhys uses his caramel John Mayer-esque tones to enchant his audience.

Driver's LicenseRhys Tolhurst
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