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Mukul Jiwnani


Mukul is a Melbourne based Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist, Beatboxer, Keyboard Player, Producer and Pizza Enthusiast. Playing since the age of 6, Mukul is an autodidact who started performing professionally in 2012. Having performed over 400 shows in India through 2018 & 19, Mukul moved to Australia to undertake further studies in Music in 2020. He calls his genre experimental, coming from a mix of Blues, Rock, Pop, Funk and Metal. He aims to provide a full band experience with just his voice and a guitar by using percussive guitar, beatbox, bass elements and synth guitar elements. He has performed at various venues in Delhi and Melbourne such as 'Epsy, St. Kilda', 'The Royal Oak, Fitzroy', 'The Winsdor Alehouse', 'Ascot Vale Hotel', 'Woodland Hotel', 'Sofar Sounds', 'The Hard Rock Cafe', 'The Pianoman Jazz Club' and many more.

Heartbreak WarfareMukul Jiwnani
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