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Marcus Miller


Marcus is a Melbourne based Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist and Loop artist. Having started singing at the age of 4, Marcus is an autodidact who has been playing professionally since 2009. ​ Marcus has performed over 1000 shows between Melbourne and Philippines combined. ​ Marcus calls his genre experimental, coming from a mix of blues, rock, pop, funk, ballad, opera, theatre, rnb, folk and screamo. He aims to provide a full band experience as a "One Man Band" using the art of looping. Through his experience moving from genre to genre, Marcus has crafted himself a unique tone, and is able to sing anything from chill to upbeat tunes, with exceptional range. ​ He has performed at various big events around Melbourne such the AFL, Australian Open, Aus Grand Prix and Melbourne Cup. ​ Currently, Marcus is working as a full-time musician. During the week he promotes himself through the art of busking, and through this he gets a lot of weddings, corporate and private event bookings. On vacant dates, he fills them with bar and restaurant gigs.

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