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Josh Romig


Josh has a fantastic voice and guitar style which ranges from chilled listening to danceable fun rhythms. He has played more gigs than you can count at top venues, wineries and restaurants around Melbourne as well as festivals, farms and backyards. Josh has also travelled to play internationally in Canada, Germany, Brazil, Malaysia and Japan. Josh’s popularity with his audience means he has been invited back to play for neighbourhood events, local festivals, The Melbourne Show and TAFE orientation days, Federation Square, The Australian Open and Melbourne Football Club, just to name a few. He has also been recognised as an exceptional busker - which means he is a lot of fun! Josh really enjoys making the occasion a memorable one. His upbeat music with catchy lyrics makes people of all ages want to sing along and is accompanied with a real feel-good vibe. His captivating performances transport audiences with each song as he blends musicianship, creativity and his amazing vocal abilities.

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