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Bloom is a Melbourne based duo consisting of multi-instrumentalists and vocalists, Lakota Vella and Rachel Trainor. The duo met while performing together at iconic venue, Dracula Caberet, and have been honing their sound for the past five years, drawing from a diverse array of influences to perfect their unique blend of soul, rock, blues, R&B and pop. Their modern spin on soulful classics combined with contemporary pop hits gives the duo their distinct flavour and a versatile repertoire that spans over five decades and is sure to accommodate any atmosphere. The duo’s sound is achieved through use of electric and acoustic guitars, drum pad and looping stations combined with soaring vocal harmonies. Bloom’s versatile set up means they can tailor their unique sound to suit a relaxed acoustic vibe or a rocking dance floor in a matter of moments. Both Lakota and Rachel are established session musicians within the Melbourne scene and have appeared separately onstage alongside names such as Vanessa Amarosi, The Merindas and Amanda Palmer.

Breaks Like A HeartBloom
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